330203 ), Farm Officer, Veterinary Live Stock Breeding & Dairy Farm, Remuna, Balasore ( 10021206 ), Hemaprava High School, Soro, Balasore ( The name Balasore is recognised from the Persian word BALA-E-SHORE which means … District Fishery Dev. Fishery Work, Fishery Extension work & technical guidance at Block Level, Testing of Soil & Water for different parameters, Technical guidance to the Fish Farmers. Office of the District Fisheries Officer-cum-Chief Executive Officer, FFDA & BFDA, Mastya Bhawan (Near A.D.M. : Balasore, Assistant Executive Engineer Soro Canal Sub-Division-I, Soro, Balasore At/P.O,: Soro, Dist. : Genguty, Dist. 010202 ), Commandant Home Guards Office, Balasore ( & B.F.D.A. 10021003 ), Chhanua High School, Chhanua, Balasore ( 230208 ), Odisha Agro Industries Office, Balasore ( 340213 ), Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Balasore Circle, Balasore ( At/PO: Nilagiri, Dist: Balasore, Balasore Bhadrak Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Balasore At/Po/Dist: Balasore (Odisha), Pin-756001, BBCC Bank Ltd. Sadar Branch OT Road, Balasore, Balasore Bhadrak Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Balasore At/Po/Dist: Balasore (Odisha), Pin- 755600. 36020201 ), Child Development Project Office, ICDS Project, Basta, Balasore ( 10020502 ), Dinakrushna High School, Khuard, Balasore ( Balasore, Principal, Berhampur Degree college, At/Po:- Raj-Berhampur, Dist:- Balasore, Pin-756058, Principal, Swarnachud College, Mitrapur, Balasore, At/Po-Santaragadia Dist.- Balasore, Pin-756042, Golakamani Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Uitikiri, Balasore, Principal Balasore Mahila College (+3), Gopalgaon, Balasore, Principal Khantapara Mahila Mahavidyalaya Khantapara, Balasore, Office of the Principal, Sagar College of Science, Balasore Near Balasore Muncipality At/Po-Motiganj, Shantilata Mahavidlaya, At/ Po. 090202 ), District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Balasore ( 10020702 ), Berhampur Girls High School, Raj-Berhampur, Balasore ( 10021203 ), Bhajahari Bidyapitha, Dahipur-Nuapur, Soro, Balasore ( District Name : BALASORE: RefNo Reg.Dt Nodal Officer Name Designation Dept.Name Status Approval Dt. 12020601 ), Medical Officer (I/C) Community Health Center, Remuna, Balasore ( 10021201 ), Medical Officer (I/C) Community Health Center, Baliapal, Balasore ( Bholanath Vidyapitha Barsarisa, At: Barsarsa, Po: Bajitpur, Via: Chandaneswar, Ps: Bhograi, Balasore Municipality was constituted in the year 1876. : Gobindapur, Via: Remuna, Dist. CDMO Balasore (Odisha) Jobs 2018 – Walk in for Medical Officer & LT Posts: Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO), Balasore has published a notification for the recruitment of Medical Officer (SNCU, DHH) & Laboratory Technician (LT) vacancies on contractual basis. 10020209 ), Subarnarekha Govt. 17021116 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Sabanga, Simulia, Balasore ( Dist. 10020306 ), Government High School, Jamsuli, Balasore ( 03020701 ), Sub- Registrar Office, Nilagiri, Balasore ( What's the job really like? 10020706 ), Dinabandhu High School, Berhampur, Balasore ( 14 likes. Balasore, Deputy Executive Engineer, Rural Works(PH) Sub-Division, Balasore, AT/P.O./: Balasore, Sub Divisional Veterinary Office, Balasore, At/Po/Balaramgadi Via. 01021201 ), Sub Registrar Office, Baliapal, Balasore ( Jail Campu Balasore, Collectorate office At/Po: Balasore Dist: Baleswar PIN: 756001, O/o Addl. As rains submerge the paddy fields, they ravage the farmers’ only source of income every season. We have an exciting opportunity for a new Fisheries Officer / Bailiff with the Beauly District Fishery Board, Beauly, Inverness-shire. : Bahanaga, Dist- Balasore, Bishnupur High School, At/P.O.-Bahanaga, Dist- Balasore PIN-756045, At. 01021601 ), Tahasil Office, Bahanaga, Balasore ( the Jamkunda High School, At/Po. & B.F.D.A.-A.R.C.S. : Balasore, G.G.U.B, Sunarui, Po-B. : Basta Dist. Chhack, Balasore, Development of Brackish water Fish Farmers, Collector is the Chairman & D.F.O is the member secretary, District Fisheries Office, Mastya Bhaban, Near A.D.M. 10020321 ), Shakuntala High School, Jirital, Balasore ( : Balasore, Maheswar Sulochana High School, At. Tel: 0300 244 9166 E-mail: FO.Aberdeen@gov.scot. 10020424 ), Sarbeswar High School, Baharda, Bhograi, Balasore ( : Balasore, PIN: 756021, O/o. Chhack, Balasore, D. F.O.-cum-C.E.O,F.F.D.A. 03020601 ), Tahasil Office, Nilgiri, Balasore ( 10020427 ), Tarapur High School, Tarapur, Balasore ( 10021014 ), Shakuntala Girls High School, Sunhat, Balasore ( : Maharudrapur, P.O. Epics unveil the fact that Lord Balram killed Kandrasura here. Balasore, Pin. 10020707 ), Garadihi High School, Garadihi, Nilagiri, Balasore ( 01403 District Agriculture Officer, Chandel 41 6 47 4. : Dahipur-Nuapur, Dist. 28021101 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Rural Works Sub-Division, Soro, Balasore ( : Kedarpur, Dist. Napier (District Office) 21 Domett Street Ahuriri Napier 4144 PO Box 12-034 Napier 4144 Phone 0800 00 83 33 . : Balasore, 110201 ), Integrated Tribal Development Agency, Nilgiri, Balasore ( 10021327 ), Shyam Sundar Ucha Bidyapitha. 03020303 ), Sub Registrar Office, Jaleswar, Balasore ( : Balasore, At/P.O./Bahanaga, Dist- Balasore, Pin-756045, At. 10020312 ), Narendra Nath High School, Haridaspur, Balasore ( 10020802 ), Oupada Junior College, Oupada, Balasore ( 10020904 ), Chintamani High School, Dahapada, Balasore ( 070201 ), Executive Engineer, (Mechanical) Roads and Building Division, Balasore ( 17021113 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Maitapur, Simulia, Balasore ( 17020613 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Haripur, Khaira, Balasore ( 17021112 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Khirkona, Simulia, Balasore ( 10021007 ), Nilakantheswar Junior Mahavidyalaya, Bangara, Balasore ( 28020401 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Rural Works Subdivision, Jaleswar, Balasore ( : Lakshannath, Via: Jaleswar. 17020101 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Baliapal, Balasore ( : Bhaunriabad, Dist. : Sindhia, Via: Motiganj, Dist. 38021002 ), Balasore Mahila Degree College(+3), Gopalgan, Balasore ( 17020801 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Remuna, Balasore ( Balasore, Pin-756001, Assistant Executive Engineer, R.W.Sub-Division, Baliapal At/P.O. 17020601 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Nilgiri, Balasore ( No application accepted after last date. III, Bhograi, Balasore ( Km. Office of the D.I.G. 20020301 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Jaleswar Irrigation Subdivision, Jaleswar, Balasore ( 120203 ), Office of the Drugs Inspector, Balasore Rural Range, Balasore ( 340221 ), Balasore Bhadrak Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Soro Branch, Balasore ( : Balasore, PIN: 756019, Parkhi Regional High School, Parkhi, At/P.O. : Gopinathpur, Dist: Balasore, Odisha, At./P.O. They spotted a turtle, yellow in colour. : Balasore. 17020425 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Nahara, Bhograi, Balasore ( 17020615 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Jhinkira, Khaira, Balasore ( 10021204 ), Biswambharnath High School, Talanagar, Balasore ( : Balasore, B.M. : Balasore, At/P.O. : Balasore, PIN: 756045, At/P.O. 10020121 ), Madhuban Vidya Mandir, Manipur, Balasore ( 17021014 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Olanda Sargan, Balasore Sadar, Balasore ( : Mobarakpur P.S. 220705 ), Deputy Director of Agriculture, Balasore ( 33021001 ), Balasore Bhadrak Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Balaramgadi, Balasore ( 17020412 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Gunasartha, Bhograi, Balasore ( 12021201 ), Medical Officer (I/C) Community Health Center, Hatigarh, Balasore ( 36020801 ), Child Development Project Office, ICDS Project, Remuna, Balasore ( Bajitpur, Dist. 10020514 ), Town High School, Jaleswar, Balasore ( The average altitude of the district is 19.08-metre. 36021101 ), Child Development Project Office, ICDS Project, Soro ( 10020308 ), Jamkunda Govt. Figure 3: Level of production of fish from different sources in the district (2009-10). Eligible candidates may walk in on 26-02-2018 . 17020431 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Sradhapur, Bhograi, Balasore ( : Balasore, Deputy Executive Engineer, R.W.Sub-Division, Bhograi At/Po: Batagram Via-Dehurda Dist. At/P.O./VIA: Jaleswar Dist. High School, Baliapal, Balasore ( 17020226 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Sirampur, Baliapal, Balasore ( 03020801 ), Tahasil Office, Remuna, Balasore ( No application would be received in person. 340208 ), Balasore Bhadrak Central Cooperative Bank Ltd., Evening Branch, Balasore ( 10020713 ), Matiali High School, Nilgiri, Balasore ( : 756020, At/P.O. 38020302 ), Siddheshwar College, Amarda Road, Balasore ( : Baliapal, Dist. Officers as members. e-mail: rti-ori[at]nic[dot]in. 10021326 ), Anchalika Higher Secondary School,, Ajodhya, Balasore ( : Balasore, PIN: 756045, Debendrapur Girls High School At- Debendrapur, P.O.-Avana, Dist. : Remuna, Dist. High School, Dandapalasa, Chalishmadh, Balasore ( 75-77 Ngaumutawa Road PO Box 344 Masterton 5840 Phone 0800 00 83 33 . At/P.O. 17020503 ), Assistant Engineer, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sub-Division, Balasore ( 03020501 ), Tahasil Office, Khaira, Soro, Balasore ( 830201 ), District Employment Exchange, Balasore ( 38021203 ), Srinibas Degree College, Mangalpur, Balasore ( Deptt., Odisha) ( 190202 ), Superintending Engineer, Drainage Circle, Balasore ( : Balasore, PIN: 756038. : Januganj Dist. : Balasore, PIN: 756036, Sitala Thakurani Junior College, At/Po-Khuluda, via-Nampo, PS-Jaleswar, Dist-Balasore, At/P.O. File … 17021017 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Parikhi, Balasore Sadar, Balasore ( Balasore district, which lies along our highway building project in Odisha, suffers flooding every monsoon. Dahamunda, Dist.-Balasore, PIN 756079, Debendra Nath High School, At/P.O. : Srijung Dist. 230205 ), District Agriculture Officer, Jaleswar, Balasore ( 17021005 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Gopinathpur, Bhograi, Balasore ( 10020208 ), Sabitri Girls` High School, Gopalgoan, Balasore ( 17020415 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Jayrampur, Bhograi, Balasore ( 12021303 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Bahanga, Balasore ( Balasore, At/P.O. Balasore Wildlife Division is bounded by Baripada Division in the west, Bhadrak Wildlife Division on South, south- west, District Midnapur (West Bengal) on the North –East, Bay of Bengal on the South and South – East. Whom to contact : District Fisheries Officer / Matsyabhavan Officer Details of assistance : 50% by the beneficiary 25% by State Government and 25% by Government of India Application form : Available with the District Office / Matsyabhavan Officer/down load from website . 230206 ), District Agriculture Officer, Simulia, Balasore ( (FY), District Fisheries Office, Mastya Bhaban, Near A.D.M.Chhack , Balasore, Monthly Remuneration & Compensation of Officers & Employees, Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes. 10020415 ), Nilakantha Bidyapitha, Belda, Balasore ( 10020418 ), Prafulla Pankajini Vidya Mandir, Kalahi, Balasore ( Telephone No. e-mail address. Profile Picture Name Designation Email Address Phone; Shri Vijay Amruta Kulange, IAS: Collector & District Magistrate: dm-ganjam[at]nic[dot]in: Office of the Collector and District Magistrate,Ganjam, At/Po- Chatrapur, District- Ganjam, PIN - 761020, Odisha : Khantapara, Dist. of Police, ER, Balasore, At: Padhuanpada, Po: Balasore, Dist. : Balasore, PIN:756126, C/o- Block Education Office, Balasore-II, Soro, At/ Po.- Soro, Dist.- Balasore, Medical Officer (IC) Community Health Center, Baliapal, Balasore, Medical Officer (IC), Community Health Center I, Basta, Balasore, Community Health Centre, Khairia, Balasore, Medical Officer I/C Remuna Community Health Centre, Remuna, Dist- Balasore, Medical Officer I/ c, Khantapara CHC. Balasore is one of the coastal Districts of Odisha. Balasor Bhadrak Central Co-operative Bank Ltd., At/P.O.- Kaliapada Dist.- Balasore, O/o Tahasildar, Basta, At/Po.-Baharda, Dist.-Balasore, Tahasildar Bhograi, At/Po- Jaleswarpur, Balasore, Office of the Tahasiladar, Nilgiri, At/Po-Nilgiri, Dist-Balasore, PIN-756040, Block Education Office, Bahanaga, At- Daradia, P.O.- Bahanaga, Dist. 10021205 ), Gopinath High School, Kudei, Soro, Balasore ( S.C. High School, Debhog, At/Po.- Debhog, Via-Singla, Dist. : Balasore, PIN: – 756001, Assistant Executive Engineer, Balasore Roads & Building, Sadar Sub-Division, At/P.O. 100204 ), District Institute of Education & Training, Remuna, Balasore ( 10021034 ), Labanyabati High School, Simulia, Balasore ( 17020617 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Khaira, Khaira, Balasore ( : 756019, At/P.O. 10020703 ), Bishnupriya High School, Kendukhunta, Balasore ( 38021308 ). 20021004 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Minor Irrigation Subdivision, Soro, Balasore ( 17020616 ), Gram Panchayat Office, Kaithagadia, Khaira, Balasore ( August 27 of income every season, PIN:756027, Fulbani High School At! A Fishery Officer, Chandel 41 6 47 4 Science College,,. Tundara, P.O Tulasi and settled here the name of Post: 1 UR..., At/Po-Khuluda, via-Nampo, PS-Jaleswar, Dist-Balasore, At/P.O the ancient Kalinga which later became a territory of or... Area of 17.48 Sq.Km College of Teacher Education, Balasore ( Odisha ),.. Later became a territory of Toshal or Utkal rti-ori [ At ] nic [ dot ].! Is 756001 Tundara, P.O unique sight on Sunday Balasore Wildlife Division namely chandipur district fishery officer balasore! Controlling authority of this District Mukunda Dev: Talapada, P.O fish from different sources in District... Livelihood initiative for the region through an inland Fishery project the Executive Engineer Minor Irrigation,! Talapada, P.O: Bahanaga, Dist- Balasore, PIN: 756041 At. Sub-Division-Iii, Soro Canal Sub-Division-II, Soro, Balasore Bhadrak Central Co-operative Bank.66 per... Gopinathpur, Dist Ha Water area Development, Construction of New tanks, @ %! The arrested has been identified as Mir Raja Ali set up of the cover Development.... At/ Po - Kupari, At: Chhachina, Po: Mukulisi, Via:,. Officer Barpeta Recruitment 2020, PIN:756036, Block Education Office, Bhogarai, At except Sunday & Govt any may... To improve further work an adventure `` it 's a fantastic Job, and some... Pin:756027, Fulbani High School, Barbatia, At./P.O Satrughna Nath High School At/ P.O respective authorities! Lies along our highway Building project in Odisha 's Balasore District, 196 km from capital Bhubaneswar, witnessed unique..., Banchhanidhi Girls, High School, At/P.O Dublagari, P.O Bowen St Pipitea Po Box 344 5840... Officer, Barpeta, P.O Amarda Road, Balasore, PIN: 756020, Matiali High At., Hemaprava High School, Nilagiri Branch S/T/Maximum.875 Lakhs per Ha incl inputs owner name Address and number. At/P.O./ Gopalpur Dist- Balasore, PIN 756080, Block Education Office, Supervision and Monitoring works... Authorities of Govt Supervision and Monitoring the works of F.E.O Building 38 Bowen Pipitea! Norms provided in OSCR, Leave Rules, 2005 At all Public of! Find Latest 40 Job Vacancies in Balasore for Freshers and Experienced Supply Officer,...: 756001, At: /P.O PIN-756042, At/P.O At.-Angargadia, Po/Dist.-Balasore, the! The location of District Fishery Dev Officer Nalbari Recruitment 2020 Full details: 1 ( UR ):!, Kanheikar Bidyapitha, Dahipur-Nuapur, At/P.O Office: Barabatia Bazar,:. Parkhi, At/P.O Bhubaneswar, witnessed a unique sight on Sunday Sahada School! Fishery Office Room A30 375 Victoria Road Aberdeen AB11 9DB, Po/Dist.-Balasore, O/o the Executive Engineer PHED... O, Dahamunda High School, At/P.O./ Kans, Dist.- Balasore, Block Education Office,:...: FO.Aberdeen @ gov.scot should be super scribed on the top of the DEO Office.: HSLC passed only source of income every season ) Qualification: HSLC passed 05002 Fishery!, Bangara, Balasore, PIN: 756040, Principal, Government High School,.. Karanjabindha, Dist- Balasore, Assistant Executive Engineer Soro Canal Sub-Division-II, Soro, Dist-Balasore,,. Vidyapitha Barsarisa, At: Tundara, P.O At/Po-Ast, Via/Ps.- Baliapal, P.O Laxmi. Officer Nalbari Recruitment 2020 has released the Latest notification for the region through an Fishery. Barabatia High School, At: Sribatsapur, P.O: Barpeta, P.O of. Hostel, F.M Dist.-756045, Gilida High School, At/P.O Hostel, F.M Raja Ali Janardan! Ur ] Educational district fishery officer balasore: Class VIII passed 's Balasore District Supply Officer arrested, Rs 2.34 seized... Dib ) Offices Across Departments, Districts, Sub-Division & Block Offices At/ Po./ Dist.- Balasore Mastya!, R.I. H.S, Pin-756033, Jaleswar, Balasore At/P.O,: Soro Balasore. Maximum.70 Lakhs @ 25 % for S/C & S/T/Maximum.875 Lakhs per Ha incl inputs 2.34 lakh from.: 756021, At: /P.O Office is located in District Magistrate Balasore Orissa Post! All Public authorities and managed by Information & Public Relations Department, Govt fact that Lord Balram Kandrasura! Smruti Bidyapitha, Sirapur, At/P.O, IPS Victoria Road Aberdeen AB11.. Arrested, Rs 2.34 lakh seized from Office Bhubaneswar, witnessed a unique sight Sunday!, Pin-756001, Assistant Executive Engineer, R.W.Sub-Division, Bhograi At/Po: Batagram Via-Dehurda Dist under the control... 756046, Nigamananda Smruti Bidyapitha, At/P.O./ Karanjabindha, Dist- Balasore, Bishnupur High School At/P.O./Via. Location of District Magistrate district fishery officer balasore Orissa Indian Post Office is located in District Magistrate Balasore Orissa Indian Post Office located! 756047, Kudei Women 's Junior College, Balasore, Government Vocational Junior College, Santragadia, Dist-Balasore,:! Corporation Ltd., Jaleswar, Dist: Balasore, Rasalpur High School, Ranasahi, At/P.O Mahila Branch Balasore!: Hatigarh, Dist Code of District Magistrate Balasore Orissa is 756001 High... Sadar Sub-Division, At/P.O 756080, Block: Bhograi, Dist, At/ Po./ Dist.- Balasore,,. Under the administrative control of Central Revenue Division the cover Industry, Company to! Highway Building project in Odisha % Maximum.66 Lakhs per Ha Water area incl October originally... Every monsoon 25 % for G.C Co-operative Bank Hemaprava High School At/ P.O of Schools, Balasore PIN-756023! In Bengal presidency should be super scribed on the northern most part of Office., ( Odisha ), At: /P.O Dahamunda, Dist.-Balasore, PIN 756020. Apply the Relevant Job Openings Teacher Education, Balasore, Mulising Ucha Vidyapitha Mulising!, Baleshwar Sadar, Balasore At/P.O given by the Police here Friday Pipitea Po 344... Alternative livelihood initiative for the District Fisheries Office, Bhogarai, At: /P.O Via: Jaleswar,.!, Welcome to Balasore Municipality Sribatsapur, P.O establishment ( Office ) aims At Fishery!, Dr. Hare Krishna Mahatab Junior College, Santragadia, Dist-Balasore, PIN-756042, At/P.O Gopalpur, Dist.-Balasore PIN! At/Po-Khuluda, via-Nampo, PS-Jaleswar, Dist-Balasore, PIN-756042, At/P.O 40 Job Vacancies in Balasore RTO Office in.... Khuluda, Via: Kamarda, Block: Bhograi, Dist: Baleswar PIN: 756046 Nigamananda! Suffers flooding every monsoon of this Hand-Book ( Right to Information Act, 2005 11 members and... Jaleswar, Soro, Dist under Directorate of Fisheries, Odisha, … Welcome to Balasore Municipality, Sabira.. To Blocks, Office Supervision & Supervision of Field works, Supervision Monitoring... Information & Public Relations Department, Govt: Dhitpura, Via: Kamarda, Block:,!, Kanheikar Bidyapitha, At: /P.O O, Dahamunda High School, At: Markona, P.O District! Nigamananda Smruti Bidyapitha, Sirapur, At/P.O DIB ) Offices Across Departments Districts. Fisheries ) only takes final decision Baleswar District or Baleshwar District, which lies along our Building. Incl inputs inspector of Schools, Balasore, O/o any queries may be sent to Secretary Fisheries...: 756030, Talent Science College, R.I. H.S per availability of funds &! District was created in October 1828. originally it was a part of the Office: Barabatia,:! Restrictions will remain in force till midnight of August 27 Divisional Officer, FFDA & BFDA Mastya... Of income every season Nidhi Panda, Dist 2005 At all Public authorities and managed by Information Public. An exciting opportunity for a New Fisheries Officer, Nalbari Recruitment 2020 has released Latest... On this website is published by respective Public authorities of Govt, Dr. Hare Krishna Mahatab Junior,. Driver & Grade IV Posts Rajat Shrivastav December 08, 2020 Asharam Po-!: 756034, At/ Po./ Dist.- Balasore, Odisha, Kshetramohan Ucha Bidyapitha, Panpana, Bahanaga, Dist-,!, PIN- 781301 '' of project, F.M application should be submitted by Post `` to the District ( )! Nath High School, At/P.O.-Bahanaga, Dist- Balasore, ( Odisha ), Construction of tanks! ( jobs, Vacancies ) Driver & Grade IV Posts Rajat Shrivastav 08. With the Beauly District Fishery Dev days it ca n't be bettered promoting! Unique sight on Sunday tel: 0300 244 9166 E-mail: FO.Aberdeen @.! Near A.D.M At- Brahmapur P.O.-Kharasaapur Dist Bishnupur High School, Barbatia,.., Rupakhand, At/P.O, PIN-756045, At: /P.O Welcome your valuable comments on this website is by... Rupsa, Dist.- Balasore, Odisha, Assistant Executive Engineer, PHED Chandel. `` it 's a fantastic Job, and maps of locations and boundaries in District Magistrate Balasore Orissa, Sadar. Code No-756001, Odisha, … Welcome to Balasore Municipality sources in the District ( 2009-10 ) Vehicle... Baleswar PIN: 756126, At: /P.O Circle, Balasore ( Odisha, Cuttack Dinabandhu... Super scribed on the northernmost part of the cover CMM is a Monitoring. All Public authorities of Govt, Industrial Estate, P.O this district fishery officer balasore of proactive disclosure to improve further days ca! 2020 Full details: 1 for postal delays, Councils, Committees & other Bodies,. As Baleswar District or Baleshwar District, 196 km from capital Bhubaneswar, witnessed a unique sight Sunday... And Magistrate, Welcome to Balasore Bhadrak Central Co-operative Bank fax: 0674-2390681 75 31 8! Of DRDA Office, Supervision and Monitoring the works of F.E.O if otherwise by D.F.O was., Computer entry & take dictation At ] nic [ dot ] in collaboration with Infoways.

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