There are several reasons why someone would want to change the location and size of the Chrome cache. On a Mac, select Go in the Finder menu, then click Go to Folder. Press CTRL + V and accept any messages asking to override / merge. An easy way to generate custom Chromium / Google Chrome profile (user data directory) on Mac OS X / Linux. On running the ripple emulator with nexus s & galaxy .

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Google chrome can't read and write to its data directory mutli-device hybrid app.

Paste the path into the textbox and click Go. 3. You find the default Chrome cache location under C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache if you are running Windows 7. C:\ Users\ username \ AppData\ Local\ Google\ Chrome\ User Data\ profileName. This Article Was Tagged. You can create your own custom profile by just running Chrome (on the command-line or through ChromeDriver) with the user-data-dir switch set to some new directory.

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Press CTRL + A and then CTRL + C. Browse to the Google Chrome Profile Folder of the new user.

node-chrome-user-data-dir. I am getting a dialog box saying. On Windows, paste the path directly into the address bar of File Explorer and hit Enter. At this point you can register extensions (CRX packages) and override preferences. Navigate to the profile path copied in the previous step.

The cache is conveniently placed in the installation directory as well.

Google chrome can't read and write to its data directory c:\ users\amit. So for those users, we are going to share three easy methods that will help you reduce your internet data usage in Google Chrome. The path is: C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default. L earn How To Reduce Data Usage in Google Chrome: If you are having a limited internet data plan, then you will know the pain of running short of MB’s.

If the path doesn't exist, Chrome will create a new profile in the specified location.

You can then modify the profile settings as desired, and ChromeDriver can use the profile in the future.